Saturday, September 10, 2022

Nothing Remains

We gathered orphaned furniture 
after we eloped; furniture that should 
have remained orphaned. A bean bag chair. 
A yellow faux-fur, 70s style bucket seat. 
A yellow, 70s style couch with fabric
as tough as burlap that the previous owner 
assured us had seen a lot of sex. 
Chairs and a table with a flame retardant top. 
A 70s style, pedestal lamp with a yellow shade. 
(We loved the 70s, though neither 
of us were alive then, but the yellow 
coordination was unintentional.) 
The only piece we chose to buy, new, was a 
Sponge Bob Square Pants plastic end table.
That was 20 years ago, and Sponge Bob 
is all that remains. His gap-toothed 
smile stands out among our curated furnishings.
In a dream, my dead grandfather said, 
“Don’t get rid of any long-term clothes, 
any long-term anything.”
But he’s no longer here.

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