Thursday, September 26, 2019

A Brick Facade Flowers

A brick facade flowers
between us. You're no
longer naked. While I
slept, you clothed and watched
my sex shiver erect, you
tell me. I'm praying
for a sea surge to break
this levy. Can you conjure
our last tender embrace?
Your aroma, Lilac
and Lavender, covers our
celibate sheets and still grips
me. Stop. You're discarding
our union's remaining fruit.
Hand me a single seed. I'll bury
it in my hollow heart. I'll sun
and shower it back to life myself, alone.
You're pressing your cold feet against
my thigh. There's no kindness.
You're pushing off shore.
Though I know you're taking
the worst of me, I'll miss you.
The waves rise and the levy
falls. We're capsized.

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