Friday, September 18, 2015

Mi Hermosa en Cornelia's

Closed doors. Still the same
closed doors. Laney understands.
Projector screens complicate
things. If the Queen of England,
or the Queen of Rock n' Roll,
Freddie Mercury, said to you,
"You've made it." Would you
believe it?
                 I'm blinded by love,
but the Blind Boys of Alabama
can sing -- they can hear. I hear
you. You are a conduit. You, you,
you, I live for you. When I'm
senile, I'll have three questions:
(1) Where's my music? (2) Where's
my food? (3) Where's my cutes?

Baby, you are the wind above
my wings. That's how lift actually
               Leslie, sing your heart
out. I'm always here. I'm always
here. Remember,

I'm always here.

Photo courtesy of Craig Ruttle

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