Tuesday, October 21, 2014

"The belled herds travel at will"

The Elephants by Dali

I sat down in the train with Jane Hirshfield's "Given Sugar, Given Salt" that I just purchased from The Strand. I bought it because they didn't have Rigoberto Gonzales's "Unpeopled Eden", which I came for after hearing him read on Friday. Powerful. But I had once heard Hirshfield read a single lined poem, the words of which I can't remember though the impression has been with me for two years, so I decided to get a book of hers.

I was excited to read her but not sure if I chose a good first impression. The first poem, "The Envoy", punched a hole through my chest, through which "the belled herds travel[ed] at will". I didn't read any more after that but just sat with this feeling as evening commuters entered the frequently opening doors and crowded my reverie on the ride home.

Here's a link to this amazing (in the true sense of the word, as it amazes) poem.