Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Journal Excerpts

I'm too happy today. I look forward to the weather glooming my mood.

According to drivers education, streets are most dangerous before a rain, but that's when they smell the best.

Her swinging spritely around her last limb of sanity, whether strangling sobriety or holding with meat hooks onto family, somehow makes her sensuality powerfully magnetic.

Lifted my head, looked out the window of Leli's bakery and felt like I was in Tulsa, maybe on Peoria Avenue, fun disorienting nostalgia.

God couldn't care less about your obstinancy. He can make stones sing.

"Dearest: I was in the mood for sneering last night that I wouldn't write you for at least a week." -Hart Crane

All human tools for recording understanding are impotent. The mind itself can't capture and hold the real.

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