Monday, August 27, 2012


Journal Excerpts

Having lost his mind, his journal revealed he was beyond words and communicating through primordial images.

"We'll take a car to Neptune," Colin said.

"[A]rt is human willpower deploying every means at its disposal to break through to a truer state than the present one." -- John Ashberry

I feel the world is too holy to live in. And so is Heaven.

She was so beautiful and so crazy, a legitimate lunatic, and I was bothered by this -- because such beauty couldn't be tainted by insanity? I guess that's what I thought.

What is here that all of us want -- those who consciously chose to come here and choose to stay?  I don't know if all our sacrifices, specifically spiritual ones, are worth it. Residents unconsciously trade their souls for the world, but we do get the world in return. And the world is what the prophets foretold and is New York City and is empty machinery.


  1. We're here, so we must belong here. How could we get here otherwise?

    Remember that hokey sixties verse? "no less than the trees and the start, you have a right to be here."

    So there is that.

  2. *facepalm*

    trees and the STARS. STARS. sheesh.