Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday Morning Memories/Impressions

Journal Excerpt

A girl hangs around her mom's waist and pink jeans.

In a dream my dead grandfather said, Don't get rid of any long-term clothes, any long-term anything.

A fruit vendor sells bananas in the sunset.

There are dragons under the concrete. The people don't know anything.

Handsome Spanish man is sleeping on the subway. The toreador came down on his back, sprang up like a cat.

Red fabric crippling across the sidewalk.

A redhead hides behind her freckles reflected in the subway window.

Thinking of Me-me asking me to navigate with map, and how scared she must have been when I got us lost because I was only 13. Or how scared to ask in the first place.

Poetry runs on Dunkin'.


  1. I'm loving this sudden burst of creativity.Keep the posts coming.

    1. Thanks, Colin. I'm really enjoying the floating in case the bubble pops.