Tuesday, May 1, 2012


6:20 --  Open notebook. Look around the library.

6:30 -- Watch the guy walk to the fountain. Watch him drink. Look away when he looks at you.

6:34 -- You've been here 15 minutes and have only written: "Sex is beautiful and messy". Look around the library more.

6:40 -- The sun has sunken low enough to cast light directly into your face. Move to new chair.

6:52 -- It's been 30 minutes. Cross out "Sex is beautiful and messy".

7:05 -- Sip water from bottle. Flip through previous pages of notebook. Make random grammatical edits.

7:15 -- 5 more minutes.

7:20 -- Close notebook. Go to bar.


  1. That has been my way of things for months now. I am going to have to go back to writing weird rants about nothing. Your next blog post should be exactly that. It has to be chalked full of run on sentences and errors, so when you cant write your 7:05 will be to edit it.

  2. go to bar? I'm not praying enough.

  3. Have you tried going to the bar first?