Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Thoughts at a Sidewalk Table

There is beauty in watching a facial expression
that doesn't know it's being watched,
but I have no taste for persons always trying at
catching who don't know they've been caught.

Though it's stereotypical to place a suit
and face on first impression inside a case,
we know that each has a life outside
our mind's easy arm reach.

To a jazz connoisseur I once sheepishly said:
I don't know what's good, just what moves
my head. Silly now to think: I'd like to unthink
poetry and just move to its music.

Few things are as romantic as hand
movements in familiar action: pie
maker with dough, farmer and hoe,
a jeweler with metal and stones.

A family of three sits beside me.
The younger, a man, slouches over coffee;
the middle, a woman, sits prim with toast;
the older, their father, dotes over both.

1 comment:

  1. catching up....

    these are beautiful. your voice has changed so much even since last winter.

    i love the subtle rhymes.

    you are amazing. i miss you both so much.

    i think writing a poem a week is a great idea. way to go steven.

    you are inspiring.