Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I Had a Big Idea and Forgot It

"The soul has to find and hold its ground against hostile forces, sometimes embodied in ideas which frequently deny its very existence, and which indeed often seem to be trying to annul it altogether." --Saul Bellow

I had a good thought and marinated it till it was at it's juiciest, only to find that as I sat down to write it, it had evaporated. But it had to do with the point, if there is a "point", of being an artist today. Bellow's quotation came to mind after the thought left me, and hits close to what I wanted to explore.

The soul has little, if any, breathing room today, and I think it's the job, conscious or not, of the artist to continue to funnel oxygen to it.

Oh, man, maybe I'll come back to this.


  1. Yes, this. Like Natalie says in Thunder and Lightning -- there is nothing pushing us to be open, to see, hear, feel, record. Society just needs us to be good little consumers. Yet to really live as humans, we have to care for our souls.

    But art is play AND art is srs bzns. Both at once.

    Happy to be with you along the way.

    My days with you guys were MAGIC. MAGIC I TELL YOU.

  2. Absolutely. It's good to remember art is play, too. Thanks, D.