Monday, August 29, 2011

Dear Norman Schwarzkopf: Letter from 10-year-old Kyle

I found a letter I had written to General Schwarzkopf as an assignment for my fifth-grade English class. My grandmother sent it to me a few years ago. Apparently, I felt I could colloquially address the general.

Little me was self-conscious about being small for his grade, but other than that, was an egotist who talked about himself for the majority of the letter, even squeezing in how others say "I can run fast and they say I'm strong".

Transcribed with original typos:

Dear, Norman

I've been thinking about you down there in Saudi and I been tring to remember to pray for you every night, I thank you for being down thier. I don't know a whole lot about you so when or if you right me back please tell me something more about you than what I've already heard on the news. I'll tell you about me for a little while than I gotta go eat at a resaraunt. I'm ten years old and my birthday is on November, 20. I have three brothers and one sister. My favorite sport is football my favorite team is LA. Raiders [emphasized with square lettering] and thier ausome but thats my opion. My favorite player is Bo Jackson [emphasized with large lettering] a wear glasses but they broke. Just because I wear glasses does not make me a nerd because people say I can run fast and they say I'm strong. And its not just my dad who says that its my mom to just kidding. Oh and I'm in 5th [emphasized with large lettering] grade. I skipped a grade thats why I'm so small and people call me midget if thats how you spell it. My name is at the bottom of course. Well gotta go see you later I hope.

P.S. please when you write back send me a suvanier well by.

Your friend

Kyle Erickson


  1. Thanks, Andy. The audacity of that kid . . .

  2. So what happened to the glasses and did Norman send you a souvenir? That was nice of you to pray for him!

  3. I broke many pairs of glasses, I'm not sure about that pair. And I don't think they sent my letter to Norman, likely because it was so informal, not respectful. Their loss.

  4. NORMAN!! I like how you roll. I also love how you are small with glasses but so strong and so fast. If Norman read your letter he totally would've wanted you on his team.

  5. I thought it was well thought out and advanced for a 10 year old who skipped a grade but that's just my opion. :)