Friday, November 12, 2010

Book Father on 5th Avenue

Got Blake's Songs of Experience from man on street with foldout table and 50 paperbacks who prides himself on his selection.  He sits and reads and sells all books for $5. Three weeks ago, not knowing him, I asked if he'd accept my 4 sole dollars for a book, and he said: "No, but you can take the book for now and come back with the extra dollar later."

I'm always attempting, I think, to dive into the soul, into what matters in life, and this man has it. He was endlessly charming, sitting on his chair and selling books that mean something to him.  When I told him he had a nice selection, he said "I try to keep one."

Old man enjoying his retirement, giving wonderful books to others -- cheap, but in good condition. All books are clean, though used. And he has not only good taste in literature, but editions as well. I bought a van Gogh set of prints collected with biography and essays for $5 -- paperback w/excellent prints (color) and in excellent condition.


  1. I think you've found your future retirement job! And having met him, yes! He is very charming.

  2. I must know: did you go back with the extra dollar?

  3. Ha! Yes, I did. And he said, "They always come back!" But he didn't remember me specifically.