Saturday, March 27, 2010

27 March 2010

Housing Works, one of my favorite places that I rarely come to in the city -- books, coffee, hardwood floors, high ceiling, balcony, small wooden chairs and round tables . . . over stimulation of nostalgia and loved ones everywhere:
  • Monet and Brklyn Bridge books = Mom
  • tables/chairs = Tulsa dreams of Beats in NY
  • Blake's Marriage of Heaven and Hell = Brixton-aparment sutra epiphany
  • cute wife and notebooks = college IHop late nights/early mornings
  • metal rolling ladder to high shelf = smell of portland mix, sun burnt arms/neck, stained hands of summer stone masonry
  • stage lights strapped to pillars and celing = back stage of ORU's Howard Auditorium where I catch Leslie who stradles and kisses me in costume shop
  • inappropriate children run and scream 'round shelves = inappropriate children run and scream 'round pues of worship
  • charity to prevent AIDS and HIV = all forbidden scandalous thoughts of homosexuality and poets and classics and Michealangelo, Whitman, and Nureyev
  • coffee buzz, rock music, bookshelves = dreams of intellectual peers, coffee buzz "behind the eyes", tape recorded conversations w/brother in midnight living room on E 21st in Tulsa
Amazing/eerie vibe of life collage in scene, as in a dream.


  1. I liked this when you read it to me and I like it on "paper." :)

  2. I like the inappropriate children comparison :)holly