Wednesday, December 16, 2009

workaday life can wear you raw and sensitive to banal beauty

Wonderful wonderful meditation at red table, black coffeeee . . . Pershing Square across from Grand Central  (cntr of univrs) w/Auden -- men w/jackets and cases sit in foyer on phones -- 8am -- everyone on street, cabs, clatter, scarves, coffee, caps, cops -- traffic cop in leather winter hat scolding cab for quick curb exit, near crash -- woman in red jacket, bouncy hair, runs crosswalk -- kamakaze pigeon sweeps up in time to avoid trailer truck windshield . . . semi?! (hate to drive that here) -- black woman, a blonde braided goddess in zebra shawl strolls among gloomy winter folk down 42nd -- tall cloaked man gives direction to asian w/passport half his height -- Oh goodness! Christmas lights, reefs, colors on street posts, over pass, and windows of Grand Central! -- back of woman waiting to cross street in nice tapered hair, nice tapered coat, and shitty baggy pants -- broken man, rough face, hooded sweatshirt rumbles through paperstand papers, then enters cafe with loose change for coffee . . . why not street-cart coffee for 75 pennies? -- energy is increasing and people become more attractive, more garrish, more feminine on street . . . Why? . . . coats of colors now? -- now broken man re-enters foyer and sorts through trash and change on bench . . . an excuse to stay outta weather? -- nice hair, big ring, tall boots, civilized gestures dance before prim seated posture . . . she and her guest look 'round self-consciously after fallen fork