Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Excerpt from the rough draft of a novel/memoir/whatever that will likely be completed in 2011. This is my first time placing an excerpt of my fiction on here. But this is a short piece, and what the hell.

Hal loved a long drive for many reasons. He came of age in the golden era of the car and highway -- and I don't know how much nostalgia inspired his cravings for the road later in life, but rain or shine he'd often say "Today's a good day for a long trip." And he drove fast! He squealed the tires 'round the twisted mountainous highway of Northern California till I demanded he pull over so I could puke. I came outta the gas station bathroom to see a stranger laughing at me. Hal had told him what I was up to and why I was up to it.

"Damnit, Hal, slow down!" I yelled. He was at it again. "You're squealing the tires!"

"I can't hear it."

"You're half deaf, of course you can't hear it!"

He laughed while sliding into the passing lane, rounding a peak, and flying by a Winnebago.

He loved waking to a new landscape each morning. He loved the pure freedom of flying 'cross America and everything that represented. To Hal, you were rich if you had a car and some time to drive it long and fast. But more than anything, he loved to feel the rumble and roar of the engine beneath his crotch as he passed it all -- signs, cars, mountains, life -- always screaming forward to the next thing, whatever that was.


  1. I'm so excited about this story! I can't wait to read the whole thing. Hooray for 2011:)

  2. I can't wait to see more. Will you be posting any more excerpts?

  3. Rona, I'll likely not post more excerpts of first drafts.

    Ohmygoshko, I'm excited, too, but I gotta lotta work ahead.

  4. Puke took me out of the nostalgia but that may have been intentional.

    Love the "rich was having a car and time to drive it long and fast."