Wednesday, June 24, 2009


For Saxon Little

I'd like to think that cows know the best conditions for the finest grass cuisine.

If they graze on a plot of land that dips and rises, they know that the grass in the lowest part of the dip is too sweet from sitting rain water and -- like expensive chocolate -- is saved for dessert, and that grass on the top of the rise has thin soil and maximum drainage, making the grass good jerky -- minimal nutrients but good for gnawing.

Pink Floyd’s “Atom Heart Mother”

Cows are kings of meditation.

They have 4 stomachs! You think wine connoisseurs are pretentious with their sniffing, swirling, swishing? Cows chew grass till they're bored, swallow, regurgitate, and then chew till they're bored for another stomach. If they take that much time to chew a bite of grass, I'd like to believe that they take time to pick a good bite. They may even pick a bite based on their mood. Charlie Cow is depressed and thinking "F%@$ All", so he goes to the fenceline and gnaws on a bite of weeds through three stomachs before spitting it out to the ground... because "F%@$ All".

Anyway... I like to think about all this because I compulsively meditate. It can be a good quality if you think of meditation in the light of poetry and deep things. But it's also annoying when you send an email and jump to the sent box and read your email eight times, wondering about the path of facial expressions the receiver went through while reading the line of your feedback on his third stanza....

So I like to think about cows being selective with their meditation because I'm not.

But maybe I'm missing the point. Cows meditate/masticate till they're bored because that's their nature. For better or worse. I'm no scientist, but I think it's highly unlikely that every 5th cow cultivates a new style of mastication or a new strategy for grass selection. Instead she just gravitates toward the next patch, whatever or wherever it is, and is surprised by the array of stimuli it spins her through.

Ah, that's nice. So here's hoping for another patch like Rilke.


  1. I'll be damned. Not only did you remember me, but it seems you've remembered my full name as well. Actually kinda surprised. TSAS feels so distant these days that I probably ought to have changed my name.

    Anyhow, still reading/breathing (had to catch up with the WCW entry, though), can definitely understand "F%@$ All", etc.

    Without rambling (I think I've made some big cutbacks, at least), is "I'm honored" appropriate here?