Thursday, April 9, 2009

Morning Commute

9 a.m. Hopped on the 4 train and sat next to this darling silent girl -- maybe 4 years old. She was a serene angel in a pink dress with huge eyes, sitting and starring at nothing while, next to her, her mother struggled with her younger sister who was whining and flailing. When the train braked, the angel slightly raised her arms out to her sides for balance.

The mother stood and told the younger sister to "come on". The angel slid off the seat and kicked the hell out of her sister. She yelled in her face, "It was an accident!"

Made me laugh all day.


  1. hahaha....that's AWESOME! Sounds like my kind of girl:)

  2. "All my romantic ecounters are a scrambled version of that one."

  3. Ha ha, Steven, I just now saw this comment of your -- a year late.