Friday, February 20, 2009


Manhattana! I hear your spirit's song,
though it’s weak, it shudders me.

Manhattana! How long will
Brooklyn Bridge be the torch
of what was and is to come?
It's fall
will bleed ears for the lamenting.

Manhattana! your veins of trains
and worn rags of men are crumbling.
Your sun never rises nor sets
but in reflection.
Your birds screech in the ramshackled
steel racket of your mane.

Manhattana! you bastard
born of Jerusalem and Babylon!
Where’s your heart?
I can’t taste it anymore.
Where’s your womb?
Has it turned to dust?

All your poets tore out their eyes long ago!
Their eyes are still alive, and even now, roll together
into a fist that opens and closes on your genitals.

Manhattana! How long can you
bleed your streets overflowing
before your towers fall impotent?

Or are your clumsy spires
already stalactites dripping
into the void?


  1. I need to let this stew in me, and get back to you

    Initial thoughts:

    all of the alliteration works well and is seamless.

    Tone is consistant.

    The stanza with the eyes may lean toward a mixed metaphor.

    Last two stanza are fantastic.

  2. Very pretty. Great work. The 3rd is my favorite stanza. I also really like 4 and 5. I like what you're saying. I felt your heart.

  3. Graphically intense. (No pun intended) Sad that man has wasted such an opportunity for greatness. Thanks for bringing that to life thousands of miles away.

  4. My favorite is the third stanza as well, i love the imagery there and throughout.

  5. Fantastic! I freaking love this!!! My fave so far... When will you be publishing a book of poems? Soon?? Do not deny the public what is aches for!!

    I recccomend checking this out: