Sunday, October 5, 2008

The North Woods

A walk an hour before dusk in the North Woods refuels my soul for two months of city living.


  1. Best of luck in living.

  2. fresh woods, cleans ya out and prepares you for anything.

  3. It's really great to hear from you! That knit link was amazing-- definitely the sort of thing I needed to show my group for inspiration.

    I've known for awhile that my blog was very concentrated on me-- most of last/this year I was using it as kind of a cathartic release (only posting when I needed an emotional release), therefore I never wrote or posted anything aside from those times. I've decided though that now I'm going to do the emotional cathartic ones in my OneNote on my computer, and do a real blog online to further my writing, and appreciate everything around me more.

    I love checking in on your blog. I'm sorry I don't comment more frequently.. I guess I'm kind of a lurker. It means a lot to hear that you think my writing has improved. :D:D:D