Thursday, January 24, 2008

C Train from Chelsea to Harlem

I'm sitting next to my wife with
her bright colored glove on my thigh
and watching

A man in a tailored overcoat,
platinum ring on his hand,
smooth leather briefcase between his legs

A lady sitting
with red, dyed, thin hair and a heavily wrinkled face looking under
her brow and over her thick glasses,
eyes darting back and forth

A pear shaped girl with dark skin huddling behind the collar of her coat,
the hem rises over her hips and she pulls it down,
again and again

A couple snuggling, kissing, giggling --
she has dark long hair and legs and freckles,
he has eyes and hands full of her

A man with chapped, cracked hands holding a trash cart
that's rolling, spilling stench --
he has grey in his beard,
gunk in his hair,
no earphones,
and rhythm in his feet as he cripwalks to no

music but the squeal of the brakes,
hush of the doors,
sway of the car


  1. Cripwalking to no music is the only way to dance. You got it all perfectly!

  2. Love the new look!

    "again and again".

    Thus, the human condition.

  3. in response to your comment on my blog...


    what's your point?

  4. Heya!

    so the new look is very slick and very pro -- mad props! Taking your lead, I also gave my blog a bit of a facelift and reworked gwen's a bit too (I shot her pic, btw!)

  5. i also love the new look! how'd you DO that?

  6. Oh -- almost forgot... in response to your ? about sending me your story -- Yes and YES! I'm looking forward to it!!!

  7. You must eat words like I eat chocolate for you to spit such rich composition. Keep it up! Write forever...

  8. You brought me with you, to that indefinate space but I was still there, in the moment with you and all the other beings.

  9. Get with it, old timer. It's only Finnish folk-scatting on my blog. Pssh.

    Anyhow, dig the writing as always. Each stanza hits me as a good photograph. Nothing is unreal or uninteresting. Awesome imagery, pretty much.

  10. I think this does an awesome job of doing the whole "Imagniary Gardens whith real toads in them". I can feet dirt and smell the funk. Nicely done

  11. This is RAD. Also, how'd you do the kickin' masthead?? TELL ME EVERYTHING. Get my email addy from your wife with the colored gloves.