Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Won’t You Be My Neighbor

Our neighbor who lives in the building adjacent to ours is an art dealer. I'm not positive that he is an art dealer, but I overheard a conversation with him and an unheard party on the other end of his cellular phone line. He said that he had sold a painting and was ready to finalize the sale by writing or sending a check to the artist.

Well, our neighbor, in spite of his visual art acumen, has a shitty taste in music. He listens to overplayed current hip hop junk when he has a gathering of his peers. I'd like to make an old-fashion telephone line (two empty soup cans tied to opposite ends of a string) and educate him on better music. Better yet, I'd like to leave my end of the string sans soup can and sew the string through the center whole of a ready-made-burned-CD in order to slide it across to him. I can easily climb up the steps of my fire escape to the next floor to have the appropriate altitude difference to facilitate a friendly and much needed CD transfer.

Everyone thinks he is an expert on music after listening to it for any short or extended period of time. I know this. I listened to Pop music for 5 years (Pop music includes Pink Floyd and Pink) before I ever got into jazz, classical, blue grass, etc.. But after one year of delving into Pop music, I'd happily argue with anyone that wanted to question the musical merits of Nirvana. And I will still argue (even though I realize that Nirvana's music is poignant to me for the era in which I listened to it more than anything else) because it's fun.

I'm not saying that his music is shitty. I'm saying that his variety or "taste" of music is shitty. I can listen to Radiohead from daybreak to daybreak for several weeks straight, but I won't impose that rigorous music listening effort on my friends who are casually mingling and nibbling on wine and cheese.

Do I consider myself more cultured in music than my neighbor? Yes. But whether I actually am or not is beside the point.

The point is: he needs to close his window during social gatherings. Not because I'm an elitist, but because it's social etiquette.

Now, I will proceed to be a musical pedant and hypocrite and play Chopin's Concerto No. 1 at ultimate volume on my phonograph at 10:30 p.m..

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  1. I really enjoy the humor in this post and in many of the other posts as well. I bet if you played some aria's with Pavarotti pefroming at full blast he my just understand how you feel. It would be like High "C" versus deep bass!